Learning UX Design with the Interaction Design Foundation — a review

As UX design becomes a bigger and better known subject lots of different people from distinct parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in learning and working as User Experience Designers.

The path for becoming a UX Designer is not a easy one. Not only it takes a collection of knowledge from a variant of fields but also consistency studying and learning. And if you, as myself, come from a Third World country it becomes even harder to find what and where to study. Thus, finding a place to learn is essential. Here I want to talk about The Interaction Design Foundation, a Denmark non-profit organization (established in 2002)and how it is changing the way people all over the world are learn UX Design.

My path with IxDF started about 4 years ago. Back then I had been in the field for a while but everything I had learned was even from books, workshops or my daily life in the field. The point here is that it felt like a lot was missing. When I was reading — or taking part in a workshop — it seemed like I was reading/listening to someone’s else ideas summed up and in the mouth of another person.

Except for those really great books like the ones from here, I was always absorbing information that wasn’t pure. And here is where The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) comes in. They go as deep as having people like Don Norman and other great names from the UX Design World as their teachers. And here is where things started changing for me because now I was learning from the ones who had really been part and created most of what we know by User Experience Design.

Furthermore IxDF is not just an amazing UX Course environment. They, more than anyone, understand the value of: Listening to great people, reading amazing material and interacting with peers who are going to help you level up. Their course go from User Experience, User Interface, User Research, Usability to Design thinking. Now imagine cover all this areas with those who started the movement and had been dealing with the best companies in the world daily. Well, this is IxDF a place where you can feel the knowledge just by going to their homepage.

When studying at IxDF one will be able to access the following:


If you don’t really know where to Start, IxDF helps you there as well. They have structure their courses from a foundation to an Advanced mindset. Not only that but they also have trails of knowledge. Which means one can choose ‘UX Design’ and go a trail of courses that will cover pretty much the knowledge one must have.

Image: Courses from IDF, from the UX Design trail, from foundation to Advanced
Image: Courses from IDF, from the UX Design trail, from foundation to Advanced
UX Design Course


The best place to learn is the one where you feel sheltered for others who like you are trailing a path to something bigger. Well, IxDF has just the place for that. The community IxDF has is really huge and one can interact with people from all over the world and have assistance in any topic one wishes to. More than that IxDF also has a local community which means one can connect to peers who are in the same area which makes it even easier to find mentors and people who understand ones study context.


As I have mention already learning from the best is what changed my life. But IxDF goes further than that having Encyclopedias of knowledge where anyone can have access and reading from people like Don Norman, Clayton Christensen, Frank Spillers, Alan Dix (one of my favorite authors ever) and more.


Understanding how everything is moving in a faster pace than anyone could ever think of catching IxDF has also started having amazing Webinars. It is a chance to all who wish to learn from leaders and also interact with them.


IxDF is a place for those who aim to go further. It is also a place where one feels at home to learn on its own time, explore different fields and feel supported for a whole community of people who are striving to go further. It brings the best knowledge and mingles it in the best methodologies. I couldn’t be more grateful for being a member of IxDF and for learning from (and with) them.

UX Designer at FESC Tecnologia